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Decorative Finishing Wheel

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Price: Negotiable
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Specially designed for drawing processing on the metal plating parts, clear lines, good effect and no adhesive & black lines remains on the work piece. Used for copper-plating, nickel work piece drawing line, cutter blade drawing , brushed aluminum products polished before painting. Like the handle, lock, antique copper ,building hardware, frame and various wood products, marble etc.


1. Apply for high quality surface treatment on precision tool pieces. 
2. Texture is clear, uniform, Smooth, beautiful. 
3. Prevents cutting of the work piece
4. No blockage under high rotation speed(3000/min), good brightness, excellent grinding effect, durable for use, workpiece's surface can keep for a standard

针对电镀五金工件的高品质线纹装饰而特别设计, 镀铜、铬、镍件,表带、仿古铜、锁具、眼镜框、刀具刀口、铭牌等电镀五金工件的拉丝处理。
1. 特殊磨料,对高品质线纹装饰效果能发挥到极致;
2. 装饰的线纹均匀、清晰、平滑、美观;
3. 切削力温和,不会过度切削镀层;
4. 特殊结构确保研磨过程中散热容易,不留黑丝、残胶。
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