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Automatic Hand Washer H/W

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Brand: Neiros
Price: Negotiable
Min.Order: 1 SET
Delivery: Shipment within 28 days since the date of payment
Address: Malaysia
Valid until: Never Expire
Updated on: 2018-05-27 16:13
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Company Details
Automatic Hand Washer H/W

 This floor mounted unit can be used everywher hand cleaning is obligatory - in production, hygiene control points, toilettes, etc. This unit can be used as a self-standing unit or in combination with any other hygiene station, hand disinfector, electric door locks or turnstile units.

Function: After sensor activation, yellow lights light up the washing chamber. A person needs to put his/her hands into the openings and soap is sprayed onto both hands automatically. After 3-5 seconds the warm water starts spraying from two sides and hands are thus rinsed. After the washing process hands need to be dried with a paper towel.


·         Otherwise same features as Hand disinfector H/D

       ·   Option: Hand washer can be upgraded with hand disinfection function and integrated paper basket and paper towel dispenser - H/WD.

Hand disinfector H/D

Ensures easy and quick hand disinfection when entering the production area. The spraying of disinfectants is activated only when both hands are placed inside the hand openings, which are protected with soft rubber rings in order to prevent any injuries. Disinfection chamber is lighted

with soft yellow light designed for more pleasant feeling by disinfection procedure. After successful disinfection a signal is given either to turnstile unit or electric lock in a door, which prevent entry without disinfecting the hands. Available either as a floor mounted or as wall mounted version with or without integrated turnstile.

Features H/D:

·         Disinfectant container is placed inside the machine and closed with a locked door

·         Signal lights (green and red)

·         Hand protection and disinfection chamber lighting

All process parameters can be adjusted on internal microprocessor controller
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