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H20 Timber Beam With Cottonwood Plywood For Formwork Girder

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Detailed Product Description



1.glued laminated timber beam

2.Max. Allowable shear force: 40KN, Max. Design value: 11KN;

3.Max. Allowable bending moment: 10KN·M, Max. Design value: 5KN·M.

H20 Timber Beam With Cottonwood Plywood For Formwork Girder


1. Structure sketch


2. Related parameters

① Max. Allowable shear force: 40KN, Max. Design value: 11KN;

   Max. Allowable bending moment: 10KN·M, Max. Design value: 5KN·M.

② Max. Production length: 6600mm;

   Production capacity: 3000m/day;

   Weight: about 4.8kg/m;

   Moisture Content: about 13% ;

   Using time: about 4-5 years.


Competitive Advantage:

1. Standardized production line guarantees good products.


2. Finger jointing of the flange and web,the strength of timber beam is highly improved.



3. Well treated to prevent from water penetration or erosion, so the service life
maximally extended.

Normally, CMAX timber beam H20 can be used for 4 to 5 years, the exact using time is influenced by construction environment and the way to storage.

4. The length will be flexible, we can afford any length to meet customs’ demand within 6.6m limit.


As a kind of girder, it is an important constituent part for formwork and it is widely used in concrete formwork construction.

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