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Solder blotting machine HS-801

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Price: Negotiable
Delivery: Shipment within days since the date of payment
Address: Asia Japan
Valid until: Never Expire
Updated on: 2013-09-05 11:10
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●Standard nozzle:HS-812
●Maximum ejection amount:18L/分(60Hz)
●Vacuum attainment level:80kPa
●External dimensions(iron):120(W)×160(H)×35(D)mm
●Weight:Station partition・5.7kg/iron partition・160g
●Speedy temperature rise to 300 ℃ in 45 seconds.Heating structure with excellent heat conduction achieves 300 ℃ in 45 seconds.When you want to use, you can use immediately.
●One-touch exchange can be performed easily at hand:Filter cartridge can be one-touch exchanged such as installing or removing at hand  even working.
●Lead-free solder board corresponds
●"Nozzle clogging mitigating procedures mechanism" loading machine
●Clogging significant decrease:It is strong and hard to clogging by  large diameter suction pipe with inner diameter of 3.8mmφ and  standard equipment of special alloy nozzle strong to corrosion.
● Whole chip parts suctionBy using the :nozzle for chip parts sold separately ,it can circle the chip parts.
●Replacement parts:nozzle(HS-811~HS-818)・nozzle set(HS-812Cu/813Cu)・paper filter(HS-825)・filter cartridge(HS-821)・filter cartridge set(HS-820)・filter O ring set(HS-826)・nipple O ring(HS-827)・pump filter(HS-822)・heater unit(HS-810)
●Option:Maintenance Kit(HS-830)・Pipe cleaning rod(HS-801-36)・nozzle cleaning rod(HS-801-39)・2-pin conversion adapter(HS-
<Use for>
●If you are using lead-free solder, we recommend that you be on time for replacement of the filter cartridge and maintenance of bit.
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