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Infrared gas burner HD262 

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型号: HD262
规格: 930*130*175mm
Price: Negotiable
Min.Order: 50
Delivery: Shipment within days since the date of payment
Address: Asia China
Valid until: Never Expire
Updated on: 2012-10-29 16:47
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Company Details
Heat Output:10.9KW
Consumption:.0.80m3/h for NG;0.74kg/h for LPG

Now Haodong Technology is the first and only manufacture in China who apply rare-earth catalytic combustion technology in infrared burner&heater.
 After coated with processed black rare-earth on the ceramic surface,the energy-transfer rate goes up greating,can save more than 10% energy than non-catalytic type.At the same time, it prolongs the use life of ceramic plate.
1. Shell: cast iron
2. Radiant part: cordierite honeycomb plates with black processed rare-earth catalyst coated
3. Nozzle: brass
4. Up cover: stamped iron
Working pressure: NG:2000~5000pa;LPG:2800~5000pa
1.Save above 30% energy than electric
2.High efficient: preheating up time can be reduced to under 30min
3.Eco-friendly :CO≤80ppm;NOx≤10ppm;CHx≤50ppm
4.Naturally aspirated burner,no need of accessories equipment,like air blower,fire chamber...

Applied Range

Infrared catalytic gas burner is good choice industrial drying,baking or curing oven,especially in tunnel&converyor oven,saving production&equirpment cost,demand of space is small and easy to control......It martched with auto-igntion,safe controller and keep stable temperature.Now is already widely used industrial drying,especially in metal curing & food baking.......

Food Industry: Rice Biscuit( rice cookies covered with snow-like sugar )assembly line, grilled chicken, biscuit, egg roll, roasting shredded squid oven, oven for roast duck, smokeless oven, griddle, middle eastern oven, hot pot oven, roasting pachyrhizus oven, snack car, soup oven, cooking assembly line, infra-red gas baking pan, deep-fry assembly line, water-removing machine, baking, etc.
Painting Industry: Liquefied or powered painting assembly line, warm-up, preliminary treatment of heating, desiccating wood, galvanization drying assembly line, phosphatization drying assembly line
Fiber industry: Carpet latex dryer, dyeing dryer, printing dryer, textile dryer, industrial clothes dryer, latex gloves drying assembly line
Glass and ceramics industry: Enamel firing dryer, glass oven, heat-setting machine, mould drying, fritting, parching
Paper industry: All kinds of paper dry lines and auxiliary drying heat wall
Farming and animal husbandry: Heating of barton, heating of crops, grain dryer. 
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