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dextrose monohydrate

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Brand: Xingmao
型号: sd-002
规格: sweetener
Price: 540.00MYR/Ton
Min.Order: 20 Ton
100000 Ton
Delivery: Shipment within 14 days since the date of payment
Address: Asia China
Valid until: Never Expire
Updated on: 2012-09-18 13:35
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Company Details
Appearance: White crystal
Taste: Sweet
Shows neutral reaction to litmus
Specific rotation: 52.0-53.5
Acidity: 1.2ml (Max)
Chloride: 200ppm (Max).
Sulfate: 200ppm (Max).
Loss on drying: 9.0% (Max).
Heavy metal: 20 ppm (Max).
Iron: 20ppm (Max).
Arsenic:2ppm (Max).
Color dot: 100/50g.
Oral glucose is a kind of white lamelliform hexagonal crystal which uses corn starch as the raw material. After corn starch being transformed into glucose syrup by adopting double enzyme technique, it still needs disposals such as removing residues, decoloring, removing salts through ion exchanging resin, then through concentration , crystallization , dehydration, evaporation, screening etc. Oral glucose produced by our company reaches high quality standard of oral glucose(SW1-05(B)-89) which the ministry of Sanitation enacts.

In industry it can be used as organic acid material and there are PH stabilization impregnant, adding-smell impregnant, resist-oxygen impregnant. It also can be used as organica impregnant material e.g. through the fermentation to making alcohol and carbinol etc.
Oral glucose is edible directly, also can act as origin or adjective material. In firing foods, It can be used to fortify the color and prolong the shelf life. It can fortify the flavor of the angel cake, moon cake and dim sum. It can also be widely used in banger making, preserved ham, fim products and various of cans.
Oral glucose is widely used in all kinds of diseases treatments as dietetic medicament or made into oral products by being mixed with vitamins and can also be used as raw material for producing vitamin C and sorbitol, It is also one of the sweeteners replacing cane sugar.If mixed with other kinds of medicament it also can be used as extension and seasoning impregnant.
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