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KYN28 metal-clad closed withdrawable switchgear

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KYN28-12 indoor metalclad withdrawable switchgear is designed to be complete distribution equipment with three-phase A.C. singe busbar and single busbar section system having a rated voltage of 3.6~12kV and rated frequency of 50Hz.The switchgear is mainly employed in receiving and distribution of power energy from the network as well as starting of large-sized HV motors. In addition, the switchgear is provided with controlling, protection and monitoring functions. The switchgear conforms to IEC 298, GB 3906, DL/T404-91 and other standards. The switchgear itself owns five prevention functions such as prevention of misoperation of circuit breakers, prevention of pushing or pulling truck with load, prevention of closing earth switch under voltage, prevention of supplying power when earth switch is at the earth position and prevention of entering the electrical separation zone by accident. The switchgear selects not only VS1 vacuum circuit breakers but also ABB made VD4 vacuum circuit breaders, thus recogninzed as power distribution equipment with excellent performance.


2Working condition
2.1 altitude: ≤1000m
2.2 temperature: -10
℃ ~ +40℃
2.3 relative humidity: daily average value ≤95%, 
monthly average value≤90%
2.4 saturated vapor pressure: daily average value ≤2.2×10-3MPa, monthly average value≤1.8×10-3 MPa
2.5 earthquake intensity: less than 8 degree
2.6 protect the product from fire, explosion, earthquake and corrosion atmosphere.


3Main features
3.1. the enclosure is completely adopts the aluminum-zinc alloy coated steel sheet, which are machined and bent by machine tool and then bolted;

3.2. all the operations are under the door closing condition 
3.3. with high protection category, can prevent intruding of sundries and insects
3.4. simple efficient 5 protection function can prevent operating incorrectly
3.5. the removing compartment of the switchgear may be assembled with VS1(ZN63A) or VD4 vacuum circuit breaker according to customer’s demand
3.6. the replacing of VCB is simple and the interchangeability of truck is good.
3.7. the cabinet body can be installed against the wall, so the maintenance can be made in front of the cabinet and the cover area can be reduced too.
3.8. cable compartment has enough room, can connect muti-cable
3.9. high speed earthing switch is used for grounding and loop short circuit
3.10. VCB vault, relay vault and cable vault can add extra heater separately according the demand of customer, in order to avoiding condensation pheromone and corrosion.
3.11. VCB vault and cable compartment can add extra lighting device separately, in order to convenient maintenance.
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