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XGN2-12 metal-clad closed drawer switchgear

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Updated on: 2012-08-30 15:13
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XGN2-12 High voltage AC switchgear fixed type metal-enclosed switchgear applied to the 3.6kV~ 12kV three phase AC 50/60Hz system to receive and distribution power energy The device is extensive used for industry. civil cable looped network and terminal power supply, especially for power receipt and distribution for urban residential community, secondary mini-power substation, switching station, industrial and mining enterprises, shopping mall, airport, subway, small and medium power station, hospital, stadium, railway, tunnel etc.. The equipment is the newest metal closed switchgear use air insulation, and it has many advantages such as: simple structure, flexible operation, easy installation, reliable interlocking and so on.

2. Performance features

2.1. use vacuum circuit breaker and vacuum interrupter, maintenance-free, long operation life, the operation attempt can reach 10000 times; the enclosed load switch or fuse can be added according to the requirement of customer.
    2.2. adopt advanced and scientific design, have small size
    2.3. An intelligent controller is provided, it can play protection part of over current, quick-break, automatic trip with no-voltage, delayed automatic reclosure when power transmission, automatic reset when instantaneous fault take place and automatic lock when permanent fault take place etc. it can also upload every data at real time.
    2.4. An interlocking gear is provided, prevention of misoperation of circuit breakers, prevention of pushing or pulling truck with load, prevention of closing earth switch under voltage, prevention of supplying power when earth switch is at the earth position and prevention of entering the electrical separation zone by accident.

2.5. the top and underneath isolator both adopt GN30-10(D)rotary isolating switch series which with dual fracture (the underneath isolator of switchgear which rated current is 3150A  adopt GN22-10 non-rotating isolating switch series).

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