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Brand: Lizhengxing
型号: XHYL8O
规格: 0.5/5MPA
Price: Negotiable
Delivery: Shipment within days since the date of payment
Address: Asia
Valid until: Never Expire
Updated on: 2012-03-02 10:49
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 XH pressure transmitter for use

1 Overview

Pressure transmitter using piezoresistive pressure-sensitive core body core, application specific integrated circuit inside the sensor millivolt signal into a standard voltage, current or frequency signals, and computer interface card can directly control the instrument, intelligent instrument, or other easily connected to the PLC . Current output can be used long-distance transmission mode. Small size, light weight, stainless steel seal structure can be corrosive environments. The product is simple and easy to install, has a very high shock and impact resistance, widely used in process control, aviation, aerospace, automotive, medical equipment, HVAC and other fields. Overload of 200%.

2. Dimensions and installation (the picture shows the Hirschmann connector shape).


3. Technical Specifications
- Measuring range: 0.5MPA, 1MAP, 2MPA,3MPA,5MPA

- Operating voltage: 24VDC

- Output signal: 4 ~ 20mA (two wire)

- Medium temperature: -30 ~ 85 /F

- Comprehensive error: 0.5% F.S./F
- the temperature drift is less than 0.02% FS / F

- Load Resistance: <= 750 in Europe, Mounting thread: M20X1.54. Electrical connection

4.1 Hirschmann electrical connection structure shown in Figure 2:


4.2 Actual lead connection:

 Red: +24 VDC power supply; blue line pressure signal :4-20mA current output.

5. Installation

(1) select easy to operate and maintain the place of the installation;

(2) should be installed away from sources of vibration;

(3) should be kept away from heat sources;

(4) is best measured through the valve and pipe connection:

(5) installation of six-party at the transmitter with a wrench and clamp;

(6) operation Hirschmann connector and shell connections can not move.

6 Safety Precautions

 (1) removal and installation of the transmitter should be careful to avoid damage to components subject to impact and affect circuit performance.

(2) into the pressure transducer diaphragm within the mouth, do not touch the man with a foreign body.

(3) Please strictly abide by the electrical wiring to connect the wiring error amplifier circuit will cause damage.

 (4) in the product when used in case of installation problems, please contact with our company, when an exception occurs in the product, please do not open for repairs, should promptly contact the manufacturer.
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