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Address: Malaysia Selangor Subang Jaya
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Colour Creations & Your Home

Colour your home with a personal touch. Create individuality where the sky's the limit. Breathe life into your sanctuary like no other. Be as distinguish as you are.

Your home will never be the same, with Nippon Colour Creations !

What is Colour Creations ?

Nippon Colour Creations is a computerized innovative colour tinting system by Nippon Paint that lets you create your very own colour schemes, in minutes. Browse and choose from over a thousand shades, hues, tints and accents available for that particular colour you want! And let us do the rest. No more boring, standard colours for your home. Bring your home to life and be aesthetically different from the rest.

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1. Nippon Weatherbond
  • An Acrylic emulsion paint for Exterior Walls.
  • Tough & durable, dirt & harsh weather resistance and fungus resistance.
  • Suitable for Interior Walls too.

2. Nippon 900 Gloss Finish
  • An Enamel gloss paint for both Interior and Exterior Metal & Wood surfaces.
  • Excellent durability, fungus & chalk resistance, even under tough weather.

3. Nippon Satin Glo
  • An Acrylic low sheen emulsion paint for Interior Walls.
  • Promotion satin-like smooth luxurious surfaces.
  • Durable, washable and fungus resistance

4. Nippon Vinilex Fresh Anti-Bacterial Emulsion
  • An Acrylic matt finish anti-bacterial emulsion paint for Interior Walls.
  • Inhibits bacteria growth & promotes better hygiene and health.
  • Good for homes, schools & kindergartens, clinics & food preparation areas.
  • With lemon fragrance.

5. Nippon 3-IN-1
  • An Acrylic elastometric emulsion paint for both Interior & Exterior Walls.
  • 3 unique properties: Excellent washability, cover hairline cracks and prevent water penetration.
  • Fungus resistance & weather resistance.

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