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Stopper Cylinder

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Note: Simple to use, with no programming required, these electric cylinders just require one digital output for on — off control.
Stopper Cylinder Range from SMC

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smc electric stopper range    
smc electric stopper range
SMC has recently launched a brand new range of electric stopper cylinders (Series LEBH-X3 and Series LEBQ40-X31) that are suitable for a vast range of stopper applications with options that can handle transferred weights of up to 800kgs.

Simple to use, with no programming required, these electric cylinders just require one digital output for on — off control.

These new electric stopper cylinders have been developed in response to changing market conditions and they are ideal when you don’t have a compressor or compressed air supply and you want to use a conveyor line. Simply plug the dual pinned M12 connector into an ASI unit or Plc and you’re off and, with only 5 watt power consumption, they are super economic to run

LEBQ40-X31 Series

The smallest in the range, designed for lighter transfer weight up to 70kgs with maximum object speeds of 30m/min, these cylinders are both easy to maintain being adjustment free although the drag value is still changeable.

LEBH-X3 Series

For those heavyweight stopper requirements this series is the perfect selection. Available in three model size options these stoppers can handle transferred objects up to 400kgs, 520kgs and 800kgs depending on the selected model with maximum object transfer speeds of 40m/min.

LEBH-X3 Series

Has been designed with an adjustable shock absorber plus soft stop capabilities and the drag value can be quickly changed using a simple dial. Sharing the same roller material options — resin or carbon steel — as its smaller model, in the case of the LEBH-3 the roller direction can be changed in 90 degree steps to ensure maximum flexibility.

Operation is single acting spring extend, so the rest position of the stopper is extended to stop the load. In the case of power loss or control failure the units will extend to stop loads safely preventing accumulation or overload at the end of the conveyor. Autoswitches can also be fitted for additional verification of stopper cylinder position.
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