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Evcco Halogen Free Conduit

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Note: Please contact :-Gentle Automatic Solution Sdn BhdTel: +603-8023 7743 / 8743Fax:+603-80239743Email enquary :-sales@gentl
 Please contact :-
Gentle Automatic Solution Sdn Bhd 
Tel: +603-8023 7743 / 8743
Email enquary :- /
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Looking at Green Star, LEED or BREEAM certified projects, choose evcco conduits

Evcco product range is designated HFT (Halogen Free Flame Retardant) electrical conduit and fittings. Our entire range provides significant environmental benefits compared to PVC.

Our plastic for use in the production of Halogen-free conduit contains no chlorines or heavy metals and thus offers decisive advantages over conventional systems.

Halogen Odo
  • No Corrosive and acidic gas formation in fire situations and no secondary damages to electronic equipment, machines and buildings
  • No aggressive fumes which endanger the lives of humans and animals.
  • Reduced smoke density, giving better visibility at fire exits and rescue teams

1 Green Star is an initiative of the Green Building Council of Australia further info can be found at GBCA

2 LEED Green Building System developed by the US Green Building Council further info can be found at USGBC

3 BREEAM Environmental Assessment method developed by BRE further info can be found at BREEAM

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The environmental features of Evcco HFT conduit

  • No halogens are present in the product.
  • Suitable for general recycling processes
  • Light weight
  • Superior Impact Resistance
  • Long Term U.V. Resistance
  • Low embodied energy
  • No MEK solvent used for joining
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