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McDonald's opened the factory as a "hamburger meat residue system" rumours

California's McDonald's food factory of beef is absolutely pure beef
Beijing, Oct. 16 (xinhua) according to the Hong Kong wen wei Po "reported on the 16th, early online have a American fast food chain McDonald's to throw away to reveal the" pink meat residue "to join the hamburger meat, as well as the production of genetically modified food.
According to the report, in order to clarify the incident, McDonald's invitation to the ABC program "good morning America" staff, to participate in the "your question to our food," public relations activities, one of the first public food production process of food factory in California.Hope to make the customer looked after eat at ease.
, according to reports in the camera, the factory to show people how to deal with the supply of a large number of meat every day, to prove their beef hamburger meat is absolutely pure.
Show host also asked the factory director, Jimmy here will meat mixed with animal lips or eyes.Jimmy can't have answer.In addition, employees also show for chicken McNuggets chicken breasts are just the slaughter of chickens fresh meat.
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