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Note: Carbonated beverage production line|Carbonated beverage production line

Pasteurizing of complete sets of  equipment|continuous spray sterilization machine

Russia's high inflation to 3 years showed signs of food shortages
Beijing time on October 4 in the morning news, media on Friday, Russian President vladimir putin for western sanctions implemented a tit-for-tat response to food import ban lead to Russia's consumer price inflation rose to 8% in September, is the highest level in three years, far higher than that of Russia's central bank set target of between 5% and 6%.
For already face grim economic growth on the one hand, on the other hand to deal with the western countries because of the role played by the Russian crisis in the Ukraine and sanctions, decision makers and surging prices trend, these data will be a new trouble.
President vladimir putin's last month of frozen natural gas in 2014 years, electric power and measures of railway price expressed support, hoping to limit inflation.But so far, the Russian government has been reluctant to relax by criticism led to the rise in prices of international sanctions.
Russian sanctions banning import of food products from a number of western countries.Predictably, this led to the shortage of foods, like cheese, part of the daily necessities of the price by 36%.
Pasteurizing of complete sets of  equipment|continuous spray sterilization machine
With the russians during the Soviet era, as well as in the 1990 s after the country's debt against default has experienced food shortages is different, but the lack of western food products and local products prices.
The Russian ministry of agriculture said on Friday, is not yet prepared to consider "the possibility of loosening" list of banned the import of products.Be banned the import of products including from the United States, Europe, Australia, Canada and Norway's meat, fish, dairy products, fruits and vegetables.
Agriculture minister nicolas fyodor rove (Nikolai Fyodorov) in interview with a Russian itar-tass news agency, "we are waiting for their senses, in a more civilized way to evaluate the cognition of Russia."
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