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Jinan fresh milk purchase price of 3.5 yuan per kilogram Dairy farmers call don't money

The 2014-10-10 9:07:30 China food science and technology network
In the second half of last year, because the reason such as raw milk supply tension, shandong jinan milk prices rose sharply.But, since after the Spring Festival, the fresh milk purchase price has been falling, dairy farmers call don't earn money, produce less than 2 cents a pound of milk to make profits.
Fresh milk purchase price falling this year
"Last year, the price is the highest one kilogram of milk price can reach for five or six yuan, now the price is usually more than 3 yuan."An official guideposts dairy said, in fact, now the price is reasonable, "enterprises and large-scale, standardized farms have signed the contract, such as the purchase price has been fixed in contract way down, 10% of the price fluctuation is within a reasonable range."
In licheng district of jinan king scheeren street cold inside the village ditch village cows, the price has dropped to 3.5 yuan per kilogram, "since this year the original milk prices have been falling, is 3.9 yuan at the beginning of the year, then fell to 3.8 yuan, then fell to 3.7 yuan, when September simply suddenly fell 2 cents, directly to 3.5 yuan."Farmers liu said, according to the price, don't lose money is good, the production of small farmers must be lost.
Feed prices don't"
Such as fresh milk purchase price lower, but the feed instead of falling prices rose, so farmers' profit margins have also been continuously compression.
"Earn 2 yuan a kilo milk is good, a 100 cows farms, also earn less than 5000 dollars a month."Cold ditch village, village farmers cows Mr Li said.
"Feed prices this month and up to 50 yuan, or 2880 yuan per ton, last month rose to 2930 yuan; it now imports of alfalfa hay, 3400 yuan per ton, domestic pasture 2000 yuan per ton, hay, 1300 yuan per ton, stick the whole plant corn prices also rose in the last year of five cents, a ton of is 3400 yuan this year, than last year rose by 1000 yuan."Calculated that Mr Li like their small farms, one kilogram of milk's almost cost price is 3 yuan, it would sell milk make no money at all.
imported milk powder impact prices
At present the whole shandong and even the whole country's raw milk purchase prices are lower, in shandong province dairy industry association zhi-min zhang analysis, the direct reason is that prices keep falling under the impact of imported milk powder.
"Between January and June of this year, China's excess of imported milk powder imports, imports of 680000 tons, up 75% from a year earlier."Zhi-min zhang says, as a result, fresh milk price nature also fell.
Another important reason is that in recent years, presents a state of low dairy consumption, dairy consumption demand is small, lead to milk prices also reduce milk companies manufactured, the ability to reduce digestion of raw milk, "reduce consumer demand is the fundamental reasons which restrict the development of the dairy industry."
Zhi-min zhang said, now this kind of raw milk price falling, also has exposed the relationship between the dairy farmers and milk prices imbalances.Zhi-min zhang call for fresh milk should follow pig, to establish a price coordination mechanism as soon as possible, shall be determined between stakeholders raw milk trade reference price, at the same time clear dairy quality arbitration inspection agencies, to protect farmers' interests. 
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