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British kraal recall a baby side dish

On October 14, the food standards agency issued a recall, suggest that babies don't eat a bullpen baby side dish, because this product threat eggs with gluten allergy baby's health.
It is understood that question baby consisting of the name is "more than 7 month kraal Sweet pumpkin with Chicken" (Cow & Gate Sweet Squash & Chicken from 7 up +), the specifications for the 200 grams, validity of 01/07/16 respectively;22/07/16;21/08/16;10/09/16.Stall in other products are not affected.
It is understood that the above product was wrong labeled "did not add the egg", "no gluten", but in fact ingredients contained in the eggs.It is allergic to eggs and gluten infant health threat.
The food standards agency says, have bought products consumers don't feed the baby, products can be returned for a refund.
British milks are product recall from the market, and get in touch with allergic aid agencies, promptly notify the agency members recall.
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