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  • Brand Name: PARKER KURODA
  • Company: Gentle Automatic Solution Sdn Bhd 684637-U
  • Website:
  • Area: MalaysiaSelangorSubang Jaya
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  • Updated: 2017-02-05
Brand Introduction
We are always doing the best for pneumatic components......
Tel: 603-80237743/8743 Fax:603-80239743
email: visit our website:

Kuroda Pneumatics Ltd. takes over “DNA” of precise manufacturing technology such as gauge manufacturing technology from Kuroda Precision Industries Ltd. We have been successful to manufacture and supply variety of high performance pneumatic components to our valued customers through Kuroda Precision Industries Ltd. 
Parker Hannifin Corporation is a world leading synthesis components company for factory automation. Under the initiative of Parker Hannifin Corporation, we will expand and develop our enterprise on a worldwide level as a member of Parker group.

Actuator Valves Others
HI-ROTOR(Vane type)
Rotary Actuators
Solenoid valves
Air operated valves
Manual Valves
Mechanical Valves
Speed contorol valves
Air Preparation Epuipment
Life Sciences Vacuum Product Electromechanical Product
Ultra Small Solenoid Valve
Ultra Small Proportional Solenoid Valve
Diaphragm Construction Pump
Pressure Control Unit
Vacuum Break Unit
Vacuum sensor
In-line Filter
Linear Motor
Digest Catalogue Uni-Wire System 3D CAD

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  • This corner of our shop will display products from KURODA PRECISION of Japan,  a premier manufacturer of pneumatic components and air control equipment. Please visit their  website.
  • For enquiry of pneumatic products not on display click enquiry.
Goods purchased here have the same warranty as available from any authorized dealer. To contact us click here.
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Air Filters

F35, F45          F55        F105   

Air Lubricators

L35, L45         L55         L105   

Integral Filter-Regulator

B35, B45          B55         B105  

Spare bowls and bowl guard

Proximity switch MT-2


Coalescing Filters (0.01-Microns)

f3555105b.jpg (17623 bytes)

M35, M45          M55          M105  

Sludge Filters (0.3-Microns)

f3555105b.jpg (17623 bytes)

S35, S45          S55          S105  

Air Regulators

r3555105b.jpg (16575 bytes)

R35, R45          R55          R105  



C35, C45          C55          C105 


U35, U45          U55        U105  

Regulator press. gauge

imt40b2.jpg (11678 bytes)

40mm dial

KURODA  119 Air Regulator

  • KURODA  Filter

  • Filter element for H604D-03M1

  • Filter element for S604D-03M1


KURODA  Hi-Rotors


 4-Port Miniature Single Solenoid Valves 

  •  PCS241 and PCS245 series

  • VA01 series 

  • Electrical Connectors    for  PCS241 and PCS245 and VA01 series



  • KURODA 2-position Single Solenoid Valve  A2315

  • Spare  Solenoid Coil  for the above valve

  •  KURODA Adex Valve
  • A12RS25-1P-01-E 
  • A12PS25-1P
  • A12PS25-1P-E

  • KURODA Solenoid Valve  A2406 and A2408 and A2410 

  • To Order 20 pcs AS2408-03-220V

K20PS25  KURODA Valve

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