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Daico ThermoTec

  • Brand Name: Daico ThermoTec
  • Company: Gentle Automatic Solution Sdn Bhd 684637-U
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  • Area: MalaysiaSelangorSubang Jaya
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  • Updated: 2017-02-05
Brand Introduction
Daico ThermoTec

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This unique air-gun attachment works more efficiently than a regular air-gun in dewatering, particles removal, cleaning etc.PATA-Gun is equipped with a patented technology (2006-79234) and emits intermittent shock waves in broad angles, achieved by the high-speed rotation of its air spouting nozzle.
Wave injection nozzle "Patagan" slams air shock wave with a pulse. Food packs and mechanical parts such as screw holes of the draining and cleaning can be used for energy-saving Even though powerful air gun.There is also an air amplification effect. If you are not happy with the process in the normal nozzle, I think that there is a very interesting effect.
Effectively saving air consumption and time!
That is the reason why is it also known as the ECO-Gun.Capable of 4 times the range of a conventional air-gun, you can easily shave off 2/3 of your electrical bill.

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Cleaning of Mop


Dewatering of food pouch bottom_1


Dewatering of food pouch bottom_2


Dewatering of milk screen_1


Dewatering of milk screen_2


Maintenance of net


Removal of Turnings


Width of conventional air blow gun

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